HOWTOs: Setup an apache proxy web server [updated]

Updated 06/08/2016 - Added rewrite rule and turned off open proxy requests and block off proxy attacks on your webserver. If you are looking »

Constant code refactoring

It is debatable if constant code refactoring is constructive or not to the overall stability of the platform. Does it help lead to a stable platform »

Callback hell! Don't blame the test code...

I discovered a bug today! Incredible. Jenkins sent me that wonderful e-mail to tell me that our app was failing some test cases. I could not »

Associative arrays in Javascript

JavaScript does not support arrays with named indexes or in other words; Associative arrays is not built into JS. The only way to have an associative »

Testing async code with mocha basics

I've learned quite a few things during my time at Groupon so far. Writing test code that can hook into your Node.js application is one »